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Date of the 2022 general assembly

The next ordinary general assembly for LURAG Luzerner Raststätten AG will take place on Wednesday 15th June 2022 in Sempach.


Closing share register before the general assembly

The closing of the share register will take place on the 15th of April.


2021 ordinary general assembly

The last 38. ordinary general assembly for LURAG, Luzerner Raststätten AG, took place by mail vote.


Share informations

The actual share price of Luzerner Raststätten AG you will find here. Regarding any requests please contact us by mail or per post to:
LURAG Luzerner Raststätten AG
Luzerner Raststätte A2
6023 Rothenburg


Taxable value of LURAG shares 2021 (updated 05.01.2022)

Nominal value CHF 100; taxable value CHF 160 (CHF 150 to date)
Nominal value CHF 500; taxable value CHF 800 (CHF 750 to date)


Dividend Distribution for 2020

With approximately 99% approval, the general meeting of shareholders will waive the payment of a dividend for the 2020 financial year.

PDF Dividend Distribution 2018 (last payment)

Luzerner Raststätten AG
Luzerner Raststätte A2
6023 Rothenburg




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