Mission statement

LURAG – top in Europe
We want to be one of the best service areas in Europe.

LURAG –  ready to welcome everyone
We stand out from everyone else thanks to our hospitality: providing a feeling of safety and a wonderful atmosphere, the service area is a place where people can feel at ease and where visitors are happy to return again and again.

LURAG – enthusiastic service staff
We carry out our services in a dedicated, friendly and approachable way – the customer is king

LURAG – an extensive range of products
We provide an extensive range of attractively priced products geared towards the needs of both local and international guests.

LURAG – the meeting place
For guests coming from all directions, the Luzerner Raststätte is a convenient place for meetings.

LURAG -a supported idea
We are the result of the dedication and cooperation of professional organisations and local trade businesses. Today we are a widely diversified public corporation with deep roots in the region. This tradition compels us to continue into the future in a very focused way.

LURAG – progress
We never shy away from making progress. With high-quality products and a wide range of services, we want to be one of the most well-known service areas and enjoy an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally. .

LURAG – the environmentally-conscious service area
We use raw materials and resources in a careful and environmentally-conscious way

LURAG – a progressive employer
We are committed to modern, performance-oriented staff policies. Our employees are both technically and socially competent, motivated and prepared to undertake training and development.

LURAG – individuality as a team
At Luzerner Raststätte, we work together with partners. All partner companies share a platform while maintaining their own identity. Communicating internally and externally is our strength.