Mission statement


We belong to of the best service areas of Europe and are proving it with our consistent high level of service to our customers. Everyone is always welcome. We consistently promote sustainability by weighing up, making and reviewing our decisions in equal parts ecologically, economically and socially.


Deeply rooted in the region, we are passionate hosts and, as an international place to meet, relax and work, we ensure the most possible well-being. All our services are provided in a committed, friendly, open-minded and economical manner. We always focus on hygiene, cleanliness, professionalism and quality. We take innovations and changes in the market as an incentive and develop together.


We handle raw materials and resources carefully and recycle them conscientiously.

We are committed to a modern and performance-oriented employee policy that promotes and supports professional development in the best possible way. All employees are professionally and socially competent, show motivation and are willing to undergo training and further education.

Lively hospitality, a pleasant atmosphere and needs-based offers make our service area a place where you feel comfortable and always want to come back.

We deal with internal and external innovations in a deliberately open manner and are ready to implement new products and processes in a future-oriented manner.

We prefer local and regional businesses. A partnership with LURAG is based on mutual trust and mutual compliance with the agreed services. While maintaining their own identity, all partners: internally ensure joint, targeted promotion of the location. Internal and external communication is our common strength.